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Our Bobber Stops are the XL version which covers a wide range of lines. Mono, Flouro and braids from 8# and on. Our packs of Bobber Stoips come with 3 washers of 30 pcs. 90 Total in each bag. Double what every other competetor sells for a cheaper price. 


* What You Get: 3 washers of 30 pieces. 90 stoppers.

* How to Install: Thread the fishing line through stainless steel coils, then slip the bobber stoppers onto the fishing line, and finally fix the stop at your desired position. The anti-skid green plastic washer effectively prevents steel wire being pulled out.

* Rubber Fishing Bobber Stops: As weight stoppers, designed to keep spinner, floats or large   sinkers with big openings at a certain point on fishing line, avoids sliding down to your hook. Fishing bobber stops can also conveniently connect mainline with rod tip or unfasten the connection.

* Bobber Stoppers for Fishing Line: Rubber bobber stops won’t damage your line, while providing a   firm hold in place. 

* A Must-have Fishing Accessory: The fishing bobber stops is a great tool for every angler!

Bobber Stops

  • We ship USPS Priority mail on larger items and USPS First Class on lighter items. PLease allow 1-2 day handling times. 

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