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Here at RTNW we strive in providing the Best baits money can buy. We also know that the box stores don't always have the colorway for the bait you want or the scent and salt. We make the bait to the color, flake, scent, salt and size you want so you can catch that next Personal Best!!


All CUSTOM orders placed must have a minimum order quantity of 2 bags. Please buy at least 2 bags of same color. Custom production times range from 5-12 days. Thanks


CUSTOM Lure Orders

SKU: rtnwcustomlureorder
  • Step 1- Select the color of your choice(for 2 color laminates, color 1 will be the top color and color 2 will be the bottom color).

    Step 2- Select the Glitter 1 and glitter 2 per the size of flake

    Step 3- Select the scent you want

    Step 4- Select the mold you want

    We are only able to have 6 options per the website will allow, if there are any additional color variants or flakes, please add them in the notes at checkout or just simply reach out to us via email or phone. We can create a more detailed custom order and send you an invoice to be paid. Thanks

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