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Reel Time NW plastic lures are made from industry leading plastisols, colorants, glitters and scents. This is like the OG Sweet Beaver. Body is Shaped like 2 springs being pulled together to get the spiral effect, wings are willow leaf Shaped. Head of bait is extended longer this gives better action in the tail or tails if you elect to split them. If there is one baiot you can throw all year long, it's the Salty Beaver,  6 in bag.


If there is a color you really want and out inventory shows that it is OUT OF STOCK, please fill out the contact form and make a request. We will make a new batch for you. Thanks

4" Salty Beaver

  • We ship USPS Priority mail on larger items and USPS First Class on lighter items. PLease allow 1-2 day handling times. 

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