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Reel Time NW will no longer be carrying Calhoun plastisol. As much as we would love to continue to be a distributer, the cost of shipping barrels from Calhoun, Georgia to Clatskanie, Oregon is overly inflated. By the time we pay for the barrels, the shipping of the barrels, the labor and materials to bottle, then shipping costs and materials back to you, we are upside down! If we can figure out a way in the future to cut these prices down, we would gladly continue to be a Calhoun distributor. Until then, we have a few gallons of hard plastisol left and a lot of worm oil for sale. Thanks to all our customers who have purchased from us and we hope to see you in the future!

Reel Time NW is now helping other bait makers in the industry produce high quality custom fishing lures like us by using the best plastisol's. We now offer our all new plastisol called "RTNW Plastics" which is formulated and manufactured by
CPC, Calhoun Plastics & Chemicals Company.
CPC has been making plastisol for bait makers for over 40 years.

Our Plastisol blends will be offered in a few different varieties: Soft, Medium and Hard. We also have additives such as softeners/hardeners(special request) 
as well as worm oil.

Our Plastisol's are sold in 1 gallon jugs or 5 gallon buckets. If you would like to purchase mix and match kits or drums(55 gallons), please email us for pricing and shipping quotes. 
Email us at

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